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The beginning of mental skin care

Lulugine is a dynamic lab-based sports skin care brand jointly developed by Sulwhasoo researchers,
ceramide experts with 25 years of experience, and Seoul National University bio researchers,
to ensure skin mentality and perfect skin barrier that do not break down from any external stimulus.

We observed repeated skin damage and
recovery in sports athletes.

“Lulugine” observed the skin of athletes active in various sports, including tennis, climbing, golf, badminton, baseball, archery, and b-boying.

As a result, we found that many athletes were complaining of skin problems due to excessive sweating and stress caused by high-intensity training and competition.

Although these athletes are mentally stronger than anyone else and always bring out their maximum abilities, they are inevitably vulnerable to skin
mentality due to repeated skin damage and recovery.

In order to solve the skin concerns of these athletes,
Lulugine researchers began paying attention to the importance of the skin barrier.


The importance of the skin
barrier was noted.

Finally, we succeeded in developing Lulugene’s ‘exclusive patented ingredients’ and ‘exclusive patented technology’ that help strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin troubles.
Accordingly, “Lulugine” always maintains the best performance to make the skin of athletes and modern people who engage in
various activities healthier and more beautiful.

Lulugine is a dynamic lab-based research team.

Lulugine is a brand jointly developed by former Sulwhasoo researchers, a ceramide expert with 25 years of experience, and bio researchers at Seoul National University. It contains excellent ingredients and know-how that no one can imitate.

The product technology available only to Lulugine goes beyond the immediate effect and makes the skin more beautiful by preventing skin damage and restoring the skin's natural energy and elasticity


cares about the sustainability of the Earth.

All of Lulugine's products have green packaging, taking the Earth's environment, ecosystem, and sustainability into consideration.
The fabric used in Lulugine products is made from natural cellulose deri ved from trees and is 100% biodegradable.

3 promises that only Lulugine can make


2As you can see from the product with a high content of ceramide NP of 30,000ppm, developed by a ceramide expert with 25 years of experience, it contains a generous amount of good ingredients and provides it to the skin without hesitation.


Dual Skin Coat technology strengthens the skin barrier as if wearing clothes, and fills the inside of the skin with high-content active ingredients to correct broken skin balance and keep dry skin moisturized.


In this way, Lulugine's outstanding technology and secrets solve skin concerns, further enhance the skin's natural beauty, restore energy and elasticity, and make the skin more beautiful and healthy.