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Lulugine ingredient philosophy

The beginning of mental skin care

All lab-based Lulugine products, jointly developed by former Sulwhasoo researchers and bio researchers
at Seoul National University, apply exclusive patented technology and the principles of the best raw materials.


Lulugine’s exclusive ingredient principle

Lulugine is constantly researching and focusing only on products that can be used without worry even on sensitive skin and provide immediate results.



Precious raw materials found in nature

Lulugine provides comfort to the skin with precious ingredients found in clean nature. Coriander Extract, Natural CD ComplexTM , Cereal ComplexTM, MIMO ComplexTM etc.

Coriander Extract, Natural CD ComplexTM,
Cereal ComplexTM, MIMO ComplexTM


Lulugine’s secret recipe

Lulugine researches and combines optimized active ingredients to enhance skin radiance using patented technology and the best raw materials. In this way, Lulu gine's outstanding technology and secret recipe will solve your skin concerns and
further restore your skin's natural energy and elasticity, making your skin more beautiful and healthy.


Lulugine proprietary technology developed by professionals with 25 years of experience

Lulugine core ingredients

Experience Lulugine unique core ingredients researched by former Sulwhasoo researchers
with 25 years of experience and bio researchers at Seoul National University.


The best raw materials found in ginseng


It is the best ginseng ingredient manufactured from three precious ginseng extracts (ginseng oil water, red ginseng condensate, and ginseng fruit extract) using three customized methods (low-temperature decompression method, distillation extraction method, and low-temperature extraction method). Provides immediate vitality and vitality to skin radiance.

Lulugine exclusive patented ingredient (application number 10-2023-0127877)



Instant soothing and moisturizing effect begins

Derma Soothing ActivatorTM

It is a key ingredient with an immediate soothing and moisturizing effect and helps relieve redness and skin troubles. Experience the immediate soothing and moisturizing effect that appears as soon as you apply it.

Lulugine exclusive ingredient
(application number 10-2022-0118977)


Ceramide is a collection of technologies and know-how
developed by professionals with 25 years of experience.

Ceramide NP 30,000ppm

Lulugine “finds the reason why skin becomes healthier in the skin barrier.” Contains a whopping 30,000 ppm of ceramide, the source of the skin barrier, using proprietary emulsification technology. It provides a generous amount to your skin. Lulugine’s differentiated LSLM Technology It strengthens the skin barrier and fills the inside of the skin with high content of ceramide. It protects the skin barrier with a comfortable feeling of use as if you were wearing clothes and covered with a moisturizing coating film.
* LSLM Technology: Lamellar Structured Lipid Matrix (LSLM) is a technology to form a lamellar structure identical to the skin lipid structure using ceramide, fatty acid, and cholesterol, which are key components of the lipid structure between skin cells.
Lulugine exclusive patented technology
(application number 10-2022-0136985)



Classy Lulugine signature scent

Switzerland Rose

Experience an elegant and luxurious subtle rose scent using allergen-free ingredients jointly developed by a 100-year-old Swiss fragrance company and Lulugine researchers.

Lulugine proprietary technology developed by professionals with 25 years of experience

Scientifically proven, research-based Lulugine


Effectiveness proven through clinical trials

Lulugine, a lab-based skin care team led by top Seoul National University bio researchers, conducts verified clinical trials with Korea's largest clinical center based on scientifically proven research.


All products have been clinically tested for hypoallergenicity and efficacy.

All of Lulugine's products have completed hypoallergenic testing and can be used without worry even on sensitive skin, irritated skin, and troubled skin.